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2 years ago


  • After classes, chilling wit my course mate #GADDY.. He is cool, friendly and creative too. I hope i am not being too fast or exagarating about him.. But really, he is nice amd fresh. I guess he killed the pic.. Well, still in #Salem University...
2 years ago


On the 17th of March, there came into the earth a Boy with great mind and thinking. He is destined to be great and resposible in the society... Well, that Boy turns out to be me #Notoyowen Elliot... WULLUPZ had fun tho..

2 years ago

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On a cool morning, prepared for lectures.. Sometimes, wearing such outfits usually makes me feel uncomfortable but, i have no choice but to look good.. It's not really easy following #Trends and others..

2 years ago


Two years back before my WAEC... Before i was inspired to get into Fashion Captioning...